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SDM-60 intermediate frequency inverter rolling seam welding machine for motorcycle fuel tank

SDM-60 intermediate frequency inverter rolling seam welding machine for motorcycle fuel tank
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Medium frequency welding machine
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1000Hz, DC welding,easy setting and operation, suprior quality, very small fault, with reliable long term working.


SDM-60 intermediate frequency inverter seam welding machine is customized welding machine for tank welding, such as motorcycle tank welding, our web did not publish its specifications and deetails, will only be informed separately upon enquiry.


It is advanced welding quipment with core componnets includinginverter, welding controller, middle frequency transformer. It uses module design, uses imported electronic elements and equipped with micro-computer multi function controller. The controller uses 8-bit micro computer as heart,together with 2 groups analog/digital conversion circuit, so it canautomatially control power voltage changement & surrounding temperature change to ensure stable output, so to reach the best welding quality.

The machine has three momorizing function, easy setting and operation,suprior quality, very small fault, with reliable long term working. 

The machine has small measurement transformer but with big output engery, it can increase the electricity networks’ 50/60hz to 1000Hz, maximumly reduced the steel core weight, Also the rectifier diodes in the secondary circuit can switch power to DC for welding machine, so it greatly improved the secondary loo inductance value which lead to engery lossing, so it reduces production cost to minimum.




1.      DC welding current, when secondary windnigs have inductive/magnetic material it will not affect the welding.

2.      Make the power supply device with balance loading, the intermediate frequency inverter welding machine uses 3 phase power supply but with strong adaptability for power grid voltage fluctuation and voltage step down.

3.      More precise & faster current controlling, more numbers & more accurate analysis parameters compared with power frequency system.

4.      Faster reaching to setting current, 20 times faster than conventional technology.

5.      More reliable process, majority of resistance welding metals will get better welding quality if by DC welding.

6.      Cost saving,reduces every spot welding energy and shorts welding period.

7.      Energy saving, especially very suitable for welding thick working piece and high conductive metals, such as aluminum & all galvanized steel sheet, copper wire & copper plate etc.,

Technical specification:

* Technical datas are only for reference, specifications are subject to change without notice.

* Customized order including machine, electrode and its fixture accepted.

Our Competitions:

1. We are in resistance welding industry in China with over 20 years rich engineering experience; Factory direct sale, competitive price.

2. Customized Service: We can offer full engineer solutions from design, develop to produce the welding machine & its fixture according to your requirement.

3. Reliable welding machine with superior quality:  12 months warranty. Our machines are strictly complied with ISO9001:2000 and CE standard. Most of our machines enjoy 8-10 years service life. 100% guarantee test before delivery.

4. After Sales Service and Technical Assistance: 24 hours technical support by email. Our professional team is always here standing by for your demand.

5. Quick Delivery: Our company provides  in-time delivery.

6. Prompt Response to Customers: Your satisfaction is our driving force.