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China best selling capacitor discharge welding machine for aluminum cookware & utensil

China best selling capacitor discharge welding machine for aluminum cookware & utensil
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Capacitive discharge welding machine
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No welding black point, no oxidation at spotpoint, no need polishing after welding.


Capacitive discharge welding machine overview

The capacitive discharge welding machine used capacitor to store energy, when the energy can melt small square meterwelding point, the capacitor discharge instantly.

Compared with other AC welding machine,used low instant power from power, even loading for every phase, high power factor, it can supply concentrated energy to welding area, so can get very good quality surface and small deformation welding piece.

The welding machine composed by mechanical part & electric part, the circuit controller is the core part of resistancewelding technology. The machine equipped with special industrial controllingsingle-chip microcomputer, used multi software & hardware anti-interferencemeasurement.



DC current welding by capacitive discharge,good welding quality and power saving.

No welding black point, no oxidation at spotpoint, no need polishing after welding.

A built-in voltage regulator ensuresconstant output voltages, make even and smooth welding surface

Full digital current controlling systemensures high precise adjusting (1V) of welding current from 35~400V

The welding machine is easy to operate andfree of complicate training necessity, very easy for worker to use and operate.

With button sound, remind worker for rightoperation, preventing wrong operation.

Primary welding material: stainless, brass,copper, aluminum

Suitable for electric appliance, watchchain, jewelry, stainless tableware & hardware industry.

Electrical diagram & wave form diagram:

Technical specifications:

ItemInput powerInterior input powerCapacityEnergy storageArm lengthElectrode strokeElectoride pressureWeight

*Technical datas are only for reference, specifications are subject to change without notice.
*Customized order accepted.

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