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A/C- refrigerator aluminum tube and copper tube connector butting welding machine

A/C- refrigerator aluminum tube and copper tube connector butting welding machine
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AC butt welding machine
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Especially designed resistance welding machine for Copper Tube and Aluminum Tube connector used in refrigerator and AC


Features of the Machine

UN3 Series Copper Tube and Aluminum Tube Butt welding Machines is one kind of resistance butt welding equipment specially designed for Copper Tube and Aluminum Tube Inserting welding,it can replace the old technology High-voltage Flash Welding Machine.

The System adopt Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) as the action logic controlling unit; adopt Special Microcomputer Welding Controller as the welding process control unit; adopt the High-quality Aluminum Alloy Cylinder and High-precision Oil Bearings integrated with High-precision Lathe Lever to make precise machinery actions.

It has the reliable welding quality, easy and simple control and adjustment, high productivity, no gas leakage problem.

The computerized controlling box with input voltage and output current constant and balance system can guarantee the machine produce mass weld in the same shape and quality.


Technical specifications:

- Power Supply: 380~480VAC, 50/60Hz;

- Rated Capacity: 50KVA-100KVA;

- Welding Tube Diameter: Aluminum Tubes: Φ4.0-19.05mm +Copper Tubes: Φ4.0-19.05mm;

- Clamping Cylinder Space: 30mm;

- Horizontal Cylinder Space: 5-100mm (adjustable);

* Technical datas are only for reference, specifications are subject to change without notice.

* Customized order including machine, electrode and its fixture accepted.